Wooden Apartment With Amazing Rustic Details

Wooden Apartment With Amazing Rustic Details

rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-17

Cortina d’Ampezzo is an adorable alpine resort situated in Italy. In this resort you can enjoy a beautiful welcoming cozy apartment entirely designed in wood. It’s certain already that wood inspires you a winter, snowy feeling. Suited for a perfect holiday retreat, Casa Cojana provides this rustic yet modern and original living environment. This house was designed in every detail by Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo. Thanks to the fascinating mountain landscape that you can enjoy through the small windows, and also to the various details, each of the apartments interiors is unique. Casa Cojana is like a tribute to wood and even the walls and ceilings along with the furniture and floors are made out of wood. The living is equipped with a large dining table for eight, perfect for some quality family time. Most important at this gorgeous apartment is that in the most unexpected places you can discover special details like the lighting elements spread all around the place. Enjoy!

rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-21rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-31rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-41rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-51 rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-61 rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-81 rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-91 rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-101 rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-121 rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-131 rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-141 rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-151 rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-161rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-71 rustic interior design Casa_Cojana-111

Photo courtesy: founterior.

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